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From Octane to Europe

It's only fitting that my first post would occur like this. I'm currently sitting in Octane sampling macaroons and treasuring moments in Atlanta summertime. 

Whenever I'm in a new city and get bored or particularly inspired, I often take it upon myself to invent self-ordained superlatives to give to local establishments, such as best ice cream or best cup of coffee. I have a theory that this subconsciously stems from middle school when I failed to take the prized superlative of the year: "Best Dressed", likely due to my belief that the word was indeed pronounced super-lative. 

When I was in Atlanta this past summer, I quickly discovered the glorious haven of Octane, home of the "world's best cup of coffee".

Or at least the best iced coffee in Atlanta. 

So as I sit here staring at my lavender macroon that tastes subtly of soap, you may ask, what is the purpose if this blog? Well naturally there are a few and yes, but for now I will keep it short even though brevity has never been my strength.

I'm going to Europe tomorrow.   Writing out these words seems unreal, as I've dreamed of visiting Europe one day and my love for travel is extreme, even though it has been often limited to the south. 

It's my intention to post updates, stories, and moments all tied together with the art of photography, so that anyone who wants to keep up with Margaret and my travels across Europe can do just that. 

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